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Thai Kitchen

From sweet and savory Pad Thai to housemade curries, our Thai kitchen has a little something for everyone. You can also find our signature blue butterfly pea flower jasmine rice accompanying many of our wok dishes. 

Sushi Bar

It’s not fresh, it’s alive! Only at If It Is Kitchen & Café will you find a unique blend of Japanese and Thai cuisine. Enjoy an exciting selection of premium fin-fish and shellfish from our sushi bar. Our experienced sushi chefs use imported and local ingredients to create edible pieces of art for an unforgettable sushi dining experience in Gainesville.


Relax at our sushi bar as one of our highly-skilled chefs prepare delectable hand-crafted creations personalized just for you. During the Omakase experience, you will be served one-of-a-kind nigiri pieces made with premium ingredients one by one. Perfect for date nights and special occasions. 

Doo Dee Noodle

Back in 1975, near a beach town in Chonburi, Thailand an elderly couple opened a little noodle shop called “Doo Dee.” Decades later, we have brought the family recipe right here to Gainesville, Florida. Our restaurant is the only place in the U.S. where you will find the unique Doo Dee Noodle. Fragrant flavors of lime and garlic come together to create the broth. From there, you can choose your noodle type and whether you want the classic Doo Dee with ground chicken and short rib or the Seafood Doo Dee. 

Full Bar

Our cocktails are made from scratch and infused with a blend of ingredients inspired by Thai and Japanese culture. On our cocktail menu, you will find our traditional Thai Tom-Yum cocktail and our refreshing Asian Pear and Shiso. Aromatic hints of Thai Basil are used in The Lab, and our Yakuza Gimlet is infused with matcha and yuzu. 

Tea Café

Our teas are freshly brewed in house every day using premium loose leaf tea leaves. Come in and enjoy a classic nitro Thai milk tea, a fragrant pot of our jasmine pearls brew, or try one of our creamy If It Is signatures. 

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