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Omakase comes from the word "makaseru," which means to entrust.  The term “Omakase” itself translates to “I’ll leave it up to you.” By participating in the Omakase experience, you entrust chefs to display their creativity while making the most out of the best ingredients of the day.


The concept of Omakase is similar to a chef’s table experience, which has been practiced in Japan for centuries. 


Our Omakase chefs carefully select the order in which the food is served, progressing from delicate to more intense flavors. The flavor progression creates depths and layers while satisfying both the appetite and the senses.


A good Omakase chef will live up to the trust that you give them. Let our highly skilled sushi chefs make your Omakase experience a memorable one.

*For the best experience, please call 48 hours in advance to make a reservation. A credit card number is required for the reservation.

**The full experience takes about 60-90 minutes and $130-150 per person for 13-16 courses. Please let us know if you have any allergy.

The Ultimate 

Sushi Experience

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